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QuickBooks Online (UK) - How to Enter A Supplier Refund or Credit

One of the tricky things to master when using bookkeeping accounting software is the less common postings that don't seem obvious.

One of those we have found is "How to enter a refund from a supplier?"

There is a good answer we found posted about posting supplier credits here which summaries it nicely for QuickBooks Online users in the UK.


QuickBooks Online - Payroll Improvements

It is good to see Intuit constantly developing and improving both QuickBooks Online and QuickBook Desltop versions.

Personally until now I have much preferred to stay offline for a number of reasons including my concern that we are becoming so reliant on internet access to get any work done these days or some people are at least.

Last week I had a fault on my internet connection and it took Sky a week to fix it.

As I live in a village tethering off my mobile at home is impractical as is mobile broadband as the signals are too weak. I even need a boost box to improve my mobile phone reception which using the home router and internet to increase the mobile reception to a full five bars.

Great when it is all working.

But last week for almost a full week the whole lot was down. What a pain in the rear that was but at least I could work on my Surface Pro offline and get some work done.

If I was a QuickBooks Online user personally for my own records that would have meant calling in a few favours using neighbours wifi etc to get anything done.

I have to pop to a neighbours a few times just to sort emails and online submissions etc.

Having said all that I think QuickBooks Online has improved significantly over the last year or so.

With Payroll now being included in the online version, and VAT since inception QuickBooks Online is a viable alternative if you can overcome the worries about relying on the web to get work done.

I also hear from QuickBooks that the first 5 employees (it is £1 per month for each additional employee) is to be be expanded to unlimited employees included in the subscription which for anyone with over 5 employees using QuickBooks online is great news.

All in all QuickBooks is a fabulous software for solving your business accounting needs now and clearly there are advantages for using QuickBooks online, if for no other reason than it it then even easier to share your live datya with our external accountants by them being able to login to your records live online.

I seriously hope QuickBooks does not fade out the Desktop versions. I for one would be much less of a QuickBooks fan if they did as online is not right for every business for sure but I think for some clients the online version has now become a great accounting solution.

Backing Up QuickBooks With OneDrive (Formally SkyDrive)

Backing Up? Hints, tips and help with backing up QuickBooks...

Backing up your computer, data and informtation is something that many many computer users either don't do at all, only do occasionally or don't really have any form of regular system in place for.

Anyone who has lost data in a computer crash, damaged or stolen computer will have found out the hard way what a very painful, time consuming and potentially expensive problem losing your computer data can be.

Personally I am not a fan of having everything online and relying on Internet access to do anything important as anyone who has lost Internet access, even temporarily, at a time you need to do something urgent is a real pain. With deadlines for RTI and VAT for example being able to work on your QuickBooks file on or off-line personally I find very important.

So my personal preference is QuickBooks desktop version but I can understand why other prefer QuockBooks online.

Is it Safe To Backup Up QuickBooks Using OneDrive?

The QuickBooks user licence allows for installation of QuickBooks on one computer plus an additional portable computer as long as the computers are used by the same person, or it did at the time of this blog post as per the link.

Personally my main computer that I will useful work is a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 which I have to say I absolutely love. The solid-state drive means it boots up in around 5 to 10 seconds and turns off as quickly. Fabulous.

Going more portable generally got me wondering how I could ensure that the QuickBooks data files on my Surface Pro 2 were in sync with the QuickBooks data files on my laptop.

One of my main concerns was whether storing my QuickBooks data files in my OneDrive (formally SkyDrive) folder, which is actively syncing with the Microsoft OneDrive cloud online, could corrupt my QuickBooks data files in some way if they were in use while been synced?

I can't say that this couldn't happen and that files couldn't get corrupted but I have been syncing my QuickBooks files between my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and my laptop by storing all my work data including QuickBooks data files within folders in my OneDrive folder for around two months now without any problems.

A bit of care and observation is needed however to make sure that you are using the latest QuickBooks data file that you last worked on.

On the same computer that you last worked on this is not an issue. But if you open the QuickBooks data file on your other computer without first checking that the OneDrive folders are fully synced, and perhaps checking the date the QuickBooks file was last saved using Windows file explorer, you could risk making QuickBooks entries and your to data files not having exactly the same date in them which could cause a mess.

I haven't found this a problem but it is something to be watchful for an careful about.

Is a OneDrive backup the only QuickBooks backup you need?

Personally this is my regular backup as it is constant and I have found reliable.

However I strongly recommend that you take regular additional backups using the backup facility within QuickBooks (top menu "File" then "create backup") and store these in a separate folder in OneDrive which I call "backups" personally.

Why do this?

If you had a problem with a QuickBooks data file for whatever reason such as it corrupted, you made some silly mistakes, or for whatever reason you could restore your QuickBooks data from that backup file. Not taking these proper QuickBooks backups is a recipe for disaster if you hit a problem.

Also under the file menu, then "Utilities" you have the "verify data" and "rebuild data" options. Using the create backup feature will usually automatically run a verify data command.

Verifying your data at least occasionally is wise so that the QuickBooks software can ensure your data stays intact.

Coming to the point of whether backing up your QuickBooks data files to OneDirve is the only backup you should take I would suggest not.


One drive syncs the data in your one drive folder with your OneDrive cloud account with Microsoft.

However if you have a problem with your data file for whatever reason the copy online is going to have the same problem as your copy off-line.

For instrance if you delete a file accidentally on your computer from the OneDrive folder (or any other synced device) syncing will mean that it also gets deleted on your OneDrive account and one any or all other the other computers or devices that are synced to your OneDrive account!

That is why OneDrive is not necessarily the only backup you should keep!

So I would strongly recommend backing up all your important data, including your QuickBooks data files, to an external hard drive off-line as well as backing up to OneDrive.

For me personally I do this external hard drive occasionally now as a secondary backup offline and treat the OneDrive sync and OneDrive backup folders as my main backups as these are constantly being updated. 

You maybe able to use other cloud storage providers such as Dropbox but I haven't tested or tried it personally.

New Online Support HelpDesk for UK QuickBooks Users

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new online support helpdesk for UK QuickBooks users.

Our QuickBooks support desk is subscription based but you are welcome to try it out for free.

If you are looking for free QuickBooks help and support then get involved with our QuickBooks user forums and post your questions or problems there and interact with other UK QuickBooks users.

The support HelpDesk works along the following lines:

  • Submit support "tickets" online outlining your QuickBooks question
  • Search the Knowledge Base we are building based on user submitted questions or issues

As active QuickBooks users ourselves and helping clients with their own bookkeeping for over 10 years we have built up a substantial amount of knowledge about how to get the most out of QuickBooks.

We have been offering QuickBooks training and courses for the last 10 years as well.

Our goals are:

  • practical workable solutions
  • keeping QuickBooks easy to use
  • structuring QuickBooks data efficiently
  • to get the most out of the software

We are help to help and do our bit in helping UK QuickBooks users.

John (Support)