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QuickBooks Online - Payroll Improvements

It is good to see Intuit constantly developing and improving both QuickBooks Online and QuickBook Desltop versions.

Personally until now I have much preferred to stay offline for a number of reasons including my concern that we are becoming so reliant on internet access to get any work done these days or some people are at least.

Last week I had a fault on my internet connection and it took Sky a week to fix it.

As I live in a village tethering off my mobile at home is impractical as is mobile broadband as the signals are too weak. I even need a boost box to improve my mobile phone reception which using the home router and internet to increase the mobile reception to a full five bars.

Great when it is all working.

But last week for almost a full week the whole lot was down. What a pain in the rear that was but at least I could work on my Surface Pro offline and get some work done.

If I was a QuickBooks Online user personally for my own records that would have meant calling in a few favours using neighbours wifi etc to get anything done.

I have to pop to a neighbours a few times just to sort emails and online submissions etc.

Having said all that I think QuickBooks Online has improved significantly over the last year or so.

With Payroll now being included in the online version, and VAT since inception QuickBooks Online is a viable alternative if you can overcome the worries about relying on the web to get work done.

I also hear from QuickBooks that the first 5 employees (it is £1 per month for each additional employee) is to be be expanded to unlimited employees included in the subscription which for anyone with over 5 employees using QuickBooks online is great news.

All in all QuickBooks is a fabulous software for solving your business accounting needs now and clearly there are advantages for using QuickBooks online, if for no other reason than it it then even easier to share your live datya with our external accountants by them being able to login to your records live online.

I seriously hope QuickBooks does not fade out the Desktop versions. I for one would be much less of a QuickBooks fan if they did as online is not right for every business for sure but I think for some clients the online version has now become a great accounting solution.