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Help I have forgotten the Admin Password for my QuickBooks file!

I hear you shout "oh boy, I have forgotten my admin password for my QuickBooks file, HELP!"

Panic! panic! panic!

Lets face it with countless passwords to remember these days it is not unheard of to forget a password, even temporarily, and then get locked out or just frustrated especially if you are new to QuickBooks and not settled in yet or maybe in an office and a staff member set the password and has left without telling anyone the password!

Maybe you changed it to be more secure password and now you can't remember what you changed the password to!

How Can I Recover My QuickBooks Password?

If you have forgotten, lost or don't have the administrator password required to access your QuickBooks company file the Automated Password Reset Tool from Intuit could help you.

What Do You Need To Obtain The QuickBooks Password Reset Tool?

It is Important to note that your license number, e-mail address, telephone number and post code will be validated against your registration record in Intuits database.  If any of the information does not exactly match the information Intuit have on file for you when you registered your QuickBooks product, then the request will fail.

To use the password reset tool, you need QuickBooks 2008 and later and the following:

  • QuickBooks License number
  • Contact name QuickBooks have for you
  • Email address registered with Intuit on registation
  • Phone number
  • Post Code

Where Can I Download the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool?

Once your information is validated Intuit will send you an email (from with further instructions and a "Token Number".

You can only use one Token Number to reset a password in one company file.

If you have multiple company files whose passwords you want to reset, you need go back to the tool and fill out the fields up to the License Agreement BUT don't click the download button.

This will get you another email with another Token Number.

Run the Password Reset Tool and open the company file that has the password you want to reset.

You must be connected to the Internet when you run the password reset tool.

Click here to download the Password Reset Tool.

This password tool only works for QuickBooks versions 2008 and later if you have an earlier version of QuickBooks Intuit have a password removal service available but fees apply.
If you get the error message "Token is either invalid or has expired", go back to the webpage where you downloaded the Password Reset Tool, and fill in all the fields up to the License Agreement. Accept the agreement but do NOT download the tool again. This will generate another email with another Token Number for you to use.
Finally open your company file to verify that the new password works.

Personally I have never had to use the QuickBooks password reset tool (yet!) but it is important to know you can and how to do it if needed!

More information from Intuit about the password reset tool for QuickBooks.

Error Message When Opening a QuickBooks File | Error Code -6129,0

One problem I have had once or twice recently with the same QuickBooks file is that when trying to open it I got an error message box saying Warning! We're Sorry. QuickBooks encountered a problem.

The first time my heart sank and thought oh boy.

My data files are backed up to OneDrive as I go as I store my QuickBooks data files in a OneDrive folder on my local PC so they sync to OneDrive online partly for backup reasons but it is not a true backup!

Why? Well one drive syncs your local files to your online files. So if one is corrupted the sync one will corrupt too.

That is why it is important to also use the create backup file REGULARLY within QuickBooks (I also sync that to OneDrive too for additional backup).

What Fixed the Error -6129,0 For Me?

This is the 2nd time I have had this in a few weeks and for me the solution was to rename the .nd file for that QuickBooks data file.

Open file explorer in Windows navigate to the folder your QuickBooks data files are store in.

Highlight the file name ending .nd then right click on it and select "rename".

Use for example, company file nameofmyqbfile.qbw.nd.OLD

I didn't need to restart QuickBooks just selected the file and hey presto it opens again correctly.

QuickBooks - Intuit Explain The Cause of the -6129,0 Error

The -6129,0 error can be caused by: 

  • Antivirus software causing a problem when creating the new company file
  • A damaged network data file (.nd file extension)
  • Updating a company file from a prior version of QuickBooks when your Windows login is not an Administrator login.
  • Server and client machines not being on the same domain

I wonder whether the OneDrive syncing process can corrupt the .nd files. Although I am storing the QuickBooks data files in a local folder on my computer (not on a network) perhaps the syncing processes to OneDrive corrupts the .nd file maybe when worki ng oin it live or when you close it?

The solution for me has been simple though.

See Intuits advice on the -6129,0 error and other possible solutions.

Hope this helps if you have had this QuickBooks error!

So far no problems with other QB files only the .nd one and the solution for that (so far...) has been very simple each time.